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The Founder


Founder & CEO


Do it.  Do it Now !  is the motto and campaign of entrepreneur and business leader, Raquel Miller, who is leading the charge of women taking decisive action in business,  and the keynote speaker of her titled address, Do it. Do it Now !


A proud Caribbean-American, Raquel is a social connector, speaker and tireless champion for fellow women entrepreneurs.  After graduating head of her high school class (valedictorian) in Jamaica, W.I., Raquel came to New York, where she studied Philosophy, English & History at Queens College, CUNY.  Voted President of The Philosophy Club two consecutive years, she established inter-college club collaborations, raised funding to support visiting speakers, established a tutoring program, published a Philosophy journal and started the school’s first Philosophy library.


Raquel moved into the world of financial services (Bear Steans, Aegis, Countrywide & subsequently, Heartland), before helping to found a financial services company, developing and managing sales and operations to successful growth. She founded NICODA an active non-profit arts organization, partnering with National Geographic and noted museums to produce compelling theater that addresses diversity and challenges cultures to speak with each other.


In founding Bunchful, Raquel wished to provide a platform for everyone to participate in the joys of gifting, giving and receiving gifts that are truly desired and cherished, while celebrating life and abundance.